an internship program from Sullivan Branding

Work in the Memphis office for 7 Weeks, June 2-July 25, Monday-Friday, 9-5, and get paid

Who is Sullivan Branding, and why would I want to intern there?

Tennessee has several great ad agencies. We believe we’re one of them. We also believe we have the best internship program in the area. If you’re selected you’ll see why.

Sound good? Here are the details:

We want and expect great things from you. We will not spend time creating busy work for you because that creates busy work for us. It’s a vicious cycle. You will work directly on client accounts. You’ll also work with the very best of your peers, making connections (and maybe even a friend or two) that will last a lifetime. If you’re really good, we might have a full-time position for you.


Four days a week, you’ll work with your department to create amazing work for our clients. Each Friday, your intern class will work together as a micro-agency for your very own client. Not a make-believe company. A real business with real client contacts, real deadlines and real deliverables.

What’s in it for me?

Knowledge, experience, contacts, recommendations and money, if you’re good. Maybe even some street cred. Okay, everyone who is selected gets paid because we believe that quality work is worth something.

We’re looking to create a team. So if you’re a college junior or senior or a recent college graduate and fit one of the job descriptions below, fill out our application.

What we need from you: